Our Team

Carrigan Desjardins, Founder

As my younger brother who played a lot of hockey, I was always at the arena cheering him on. In fact, sports was a huge part of our family; we took karate together, we both played soccer, we learned how to swim.  Anything we wanted to do to stay active and get involved in our community, we did.

I took up running after Noah passed. It really helped me grieve the huge loss and the new normal that I was faced with. In 2017, I ran my first 10km race, no small feat. Then in 2019, I ran my first half marathon. I knew he was there with me the whole way for those runs.

That's why I took part in creating this Foundation. To give back to a community that gave us so much. 


Jeff Duval, Founder

Growing up in Glengarry is great for a young kid. Playing sports is how we pass the time, and make new friends. Playing sports is also how I first met Noah. We played our first year of soccer and hockey together. We continued to play hockey together, and against each other, throughout our minor years. He was always a great teammate, and a fun rival.

In June 2017, we honoured Noah by naming our son after him. He would’ve made a great role model and I hope the stories that we continue to share will help shape my son. Noah was humble, had a strong work ethic, and was always a great sport!

I am honoured to be a part of this Foundation as it is a great tribute to our friend. It will not only give kids in our community the opportunity to play sports, but also to make lasting friendships, like I did.

Andrew Cattanach, Founder

When I was approached to join this campaign in honour of Noah, I was beyond excited. Truth be told, there isn’t much positivity surrounding the death of a loved one at first, but slowly and surely, between stories and laughs, you begin to bring those happy memories back.

Don’t get me wrong, losing someone sucks, but..

We truly only lose someone when we lose the memory of them.  The only way to keep our loved ones around forever is by continually talking and sharing stories, pictures and laughs to help keep them near. Starting this organization in Noah’s name holds true to his and our values and he would be proud to know that our focus is mainly to help people within our community.

Giving back to a community that I grew up in is an obvious no brainer, but giving back to the same community in honour of a friend like Noah is something I hold very dear to my heart.